Re-Imaging Materials & Forms

Dweller Studio, based in San Antonio, Texas, is a conscious furnishing studio that merges raw, old-world materials with contemporary design and functionality. Our handcrafted collections emphasize groundedness, creating a striking contrast between antiquity and modernity.

Formerly known as "," Dweller Studio reflects a unique perspective on self-acceptance and liberation. The name "Wehttam," my name spelled backward, symbolizes my personal journey with dyslexia, a challenge transformed into one of my greatest strengths. This journey represents our commitment to authenticity and resilience.

At Dweller Studio, we aim to inspire people to cultivate their surroundings in a way that fosters a deep sense of connection and grounding. Our goal is to ignite inspiration and encourage individuals to immerse themselves in a realm of inner stability and wellness. By offering honest, meditative products that emphasize form, materiality, and sustainability, we invite you to embrace your environment and revel in a state of groundedness.

Discover the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation with Dweller Studio. Each piece is designed to enhance your well-being and connection to your space, making every item a testament to both historical richness and modern elegance.

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