Enhance Your Meditations With Handmade Ceramic Candle Holders

Enhance Your Meditations With Handmade Ceramic Candle Holders

It our fast paced world, it is important to find time to our selfs to wind down and reflect. Often, having a point of focus such as a flame of a candle can help us narrow down our focus and reflect on our day. My handmade ceramic candle holders can be used in any setting, but, today, i will be guided you though my meditation practice with them. 

The Soothing Power of Candlelight 

Since the discovery of fire, our ancestors have long viewed fire as a sign of strength, endurance, and safety. In modern day, candle light brings a warm sense of calm ambiance. 

The Role of Handmade Ceramic Candle Holders

When designing my ceramic candle holders, the primary objective was for it to be a meditative and calming experience as you light the candle and watch the way the light interacts with the ceramic base. The base serves as a trey to keep tables and surfaces clean from wax drippings but also as an aseptically pleasing monument that holds the candle for any setting it is used in. Wether it is bedside on your nightstand, or part of a center piece for your dinner party. The craftsmanship is in the simplicity of this piece, as it puts the attention on the flame of the candle. 

Enhancing Your Meditation 

The base of this handmade ceramic candle holder also serves as a platform for incense. Incense are a great way to enhance your meditations through smell. The idea is to use the flame of the candle to light the incense and then place the incense on the base to release its properties as it burns.  

More Then A Meditative Piece 

Although I intended for this ceramic tapered candle holder to be a meditative piece, it is suitable for a variety of use cases. Wether it is on your nightstand as a reading light before bed or as entry table decor, this piece will bring a sense of authenticity to any space through the craftsmanship that is dedicated to each piece. 

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