How To Style Your Home With Handcrafted Ceramics

How To Style Your Home With Handcrafted Ceramics

How To Style Your Home With Handcrafted Ceramics

Handmade Ceramics offer an intimate, personalized, and artisanal feel in any space. Ceramics offer versatility and are timeless elements of any home. Learn how you can blend ceramics seamlessly into your home to create a connected and meaningful space for you, your family, and your guests.

Styling hand-crafted Ceramic vases & Candleholders.

Ceramics play a significant role as visual and tactile elements in their environments. Potters spend countless hours perfecting the shape, texture and overall feel of the piece. The texture and shape are very intentional and can offer guidance on how to style it in your home. Focus on the primary function of the piece and pay attention to the way light interacts with it, patterns, and texture. The core objective is to place it in an area where it can harmonize with its surroundings and create balance with its environment.

Assessing Your Space and Aesthetic

Let's start by viewing spaces in your home as functions in your life. You have your entry space where you place car keys, wallets, bags, maybe your shoes even. Then you have your Kitchen, where you gather with family and cook meals, and you have your dining room and living room. Each of these rooms, when styling, can be viewed solely as functions to help us understand what elements can enhance those spaces for their functions, and aesthetics will follow. Let's start with the entry space and or mudroom, here, I'd assume you have a table of some sort. Ask yourself how you use and interact with the space. Where do you place your belongings? Is there an area that often becomes cluttered? We want to first remedy any issues there might be. A ceramic flat tray can be used to hold keys, sunglasses, chapstick, etc. If you live in a rainy area, perhaps you should consider placing a tall ceramic vessel near your door for your umbrellas to dry off in. Despite these being very functional use cases, these are areas where you can seamlessly bring in an artesian feel to your space. Then, you can bring in more decorative pieces to add some interest. Consider an array of vases you can fill with flowers and handmade tapered candle holders you can Nestle into place. These are elements that add a warm and welcoming feel to your home that everyone can appreciate.

How to Choose The Right Ceramic Pieces For Your Home

The style of ceramics can vary greatly, from modern geometric to organic, to old world. There really are endless styles that can fit any aesthetic. It comes down to your personal taste, color schemes, and textures. Consider if you want the pieces to blend in with your environment or if you want them to be statement pieces. Think about how you want that space to make you feel when you enter and how you can influence it to your liking.

Mixing, Matching, and Blending Ceramics With Other Decor Elements

Texture Play: Often, I find that pairing ceramics with textiles that offer contrasting textures such as soft throws, or woven rugs works beautifully. The contrast between the smoothness of ceramics and the tactile nature of textiles creates visual interest.

Color Coordination: Using colors can create a unified color palette for your space. Consider the way natural light interacts with the space vs overhead vs lamp lighting.

Scale and Proportions: Match the scale of your ceramics to the size of its environments. Large ceramics can be displayed on spacious coffee tables or side tables, while smaller ones can find a home on shelves, side tables, and as smaller decor to add dimension to spaces.

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