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"Unearthed" Travertine Side Table

"Unearthed" Travertine Side Table

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Dweller Studio

Natural Travertine Side Table

In crafting this table, I melded the timeless heritage of San Antonio with age-old techniques, breathing new life into a craft on the brink of extinction in a city where only a handful of artisans, myself now included (just barely), are versed in. The design is unpretentious, yet bold, challenging the limits of natural stone and striking a balance between the piece and its beholder. It encourages a fresh perspective on reviving traditional crafts in contemporary contexts. In essence, this piece carries the weight of 200,000 years(literally), standing as a testament to enduring beauty and resilience of natural stone.

"Unearth" Travertine Table Collection

Travertine forms over thousands to millions of years, through the rapid precipitation of calcium carbonate, often at the mouth of hot springs. This stone is appreciated for its layered appearance, porous nature, and varied hues influenced by the surrounding minerals. While the early use of travertine in the region is not well-documented, the Spanish colonial period saw its increased application in significant landmarks, blending Indigenous techniques with Spanish architectural styles.

Size: 20 inches tall,14 inches deep,18 inches wide. 

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