How To Find A Vintage Travertine Coffee Table

How To Find A Vintage Travertine Coffee Table

Vintage travertine coffee tables have quickly raised in popularity over the past few months in the interior design world. In this blog, we will explore the characteristics of authentic travertine coffee tables, how to style a vintage travertine coffee table, and how you can actually find a piece to invest in. Yes, that is right, these are closer to assets than furniture. Let's dig in! 

What Makes Travertine Coffee Tables So Timeless? 

Travertine coffee tables offer simple and neutral tones which creates a sense of organic beauty that seamlessly  blends with various decor styles. The neutral color palette and unique surface variations of travertine allow it to complement a wide array of interior design aesthetics. From minimalist modern spaces to classic traditional rooms, travertine coffee tables effortlessly adapt and enhance any setting. 

A Glimpse Into The Past: Historical Components of Vintage Travertine Coffee Tables. 

Since travertine is such a robust material, these coffee tables might possibly be around for the next few thousand years. Travertine was first mined in Tivoli, Italy. Making almost all vintage travertine tables come from Italy. These travertine coffee tables carry a piece of history with them and can act as artifacts from different eras of Italian culture. They often evoke a sense of nostalgia and intrigue and will undoubtably in your home.  

How Can You Find An Authentic Vintage Travertine Coffee Table? 

The easiest way is to simple work with a skilled furniture dealer or make a trip over to Italy. But, if you are at a flea market, an auction, or buying from someone online,  ask them through questions about where it was last purchased from and exactly what stone it is. There are tons of different travertine stone types so be sure to keep that in mind and to research each variations origins. You can also ask for buyer documentation that confirms where the table is from, its age, and history. 

As you navigate the captivating world of Vintage Travertine Coffee Tables, remember these pieces are not just furniture; they're gateways to history, vessels of beauty, and embodiments of timelessness. Please also note, it does not have to be vintage for it to be in your home. With heirlooms such as the ones I craft, any piece of high quality work will live to be vintage and maintain its value with many, many years in its life. You can be the very first owner of a new, valuable, and  timeless travertine coffee table. 

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