Exploring Travertine Coffee Tables

Exploring Travertine Coffee Tables

Travertine offers neutral tones and intriguing textures. Known for it beauty, this stone has quickly become a common element that people want to bring into their homes. When looking for the perfect fit for your home, there are many things to consider. In this blog, I will dive into a variety of important concepts such as the relationship between your sofa height and coffee table. 

Exploring Shapes: Rectangular, Square, and Oval Travertine Coffee Tables 

The shape of your coffee table can have significant impact on the overall aesthetics and functionality of your room. Here is a breakdown of what shape is best fitted for various room layouts. 

Rectangular Travertine Coffee Table

Best fitted for large living rooms and long sofas or sectionals. The elongated shape of a rectangular coffee table better fits the length of the sofa. It provides ample area for placing items and is great for entertaining, as it accommodates many people. 

Square Travertine Coffee Tables 

Best for smaller to medium-sized living rooms with a symmetrical layout. Square travertine coffee tables are versatile and work well in room where space is limited. They provide a balanced and cohesive look, especially structured seatings arrangements and throws. 

Oval Travertine Coffee Table

Best for rooms with a mix of curved and straight lines, or spaces where you want to soften the overall design. Oval coffee tables can bring a touch of elegance and approachability. They are especially desirable if you have young kids running around. They work well in rooms with circular traffic flow or curvaceous furniture. 

Round Travertine Coffee Table 

Best for rooms with compact arrangements and can create more cosy and intimate atmospheres. Round coffee tables are perfect for promoting conversation and flow in a smaller space. They can also work well in rooms where you want to breakup linear furniture arrangements. 

Remember, these guidelines can be helpful, but, personal preference and the specific layouts of your space play a crucial role in choosing the right coffee table shape. Additionally, the style and material of the coffee table should align with your overall interior design. theme for a balanced and harmonious look. 

Finding The Perfect Travertine Coffee Table Size

Finding the perfect coffee table for your space involves carefully considering your rooms layout, the size of your seating area, and your personal preference. Here's a step-by-step  guide to help you make the right choice.

Measure Your Seating Area

start by measuring the length, and height of your sofa cushions. The rule of thumb, is two inches under sofa cushion height. Also consider measuring the space between your sofa and other chairs, walls, and anything that could cause the space to be over crowded if you place too large of a coffee table in.

Determine Your Proportions 

The ideal coffee table should be proportional to the seating area. As a general guideline, the coffee tables length should be two thirds that of the sofa. This is to ensure balance in the space as well as functionality.

Consider Clearance

You will want to allow for enough space surrounding the coffee table so that your room does not become overcrowded and throw your room off balance. Aim for  14 - 18 inches of clearance between the coffee table any anything in its surroundings. 

Height Matters

This one, people usually get wrong. The average height of a coffee table in America is 16 - 18 inches tall. But, in a well designed environment, you will never see this to be the case. Coffee tables, for many reasons, should always stay 2 inches below sofa cushion height. If you have a sofa that is 16 inches tall, then you want a 14 inch tall coffee table. (btw, average sofa cushion height in America is 16 inches!) The largest reason here is because a coffee table is not meant to invade its space, it should compliment it. 

Styling A Travertine Coffee Table 

when it comes to styling a coffee table, consider starting with foundational base elements such a bowl or a tray. Then you can bring in decorative items such as flowers, small sculptures or vases, and or candles. You can consider adding coffee table books for height and interest for visual appeal. Remember, these tips are meant to guide you, don't be afraid to get creative and adapt the styling to match your persona style and vibe of your space. 

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