UNEARTH, Natural Stone Coffee Tables

UNEARTH, Natural Stone Coffee Tables

The Discovery of UNEARTH and The Ignition of Wehttam 



A Story of Transformation 

The first iteration of i.am.wehttam coffee tables. Embark on the transformative journey that led to the creation of UNEARTH: a tale of exploration, reimagining, and refinement.  

The UNEARTH concept came from a series of 'what if' ideas and an instinct to create. This collection was inspired by the exploration of possibilities, reimagining of mediums, and refinement of concepts. As you view the collection, you will see how the collection evolves as I unearthed the potential within the seed idea - an idea to create and play with all new mediums. The next release will begin production in November 2023. New designs, familiar stones, and collection expansions are all in the works. More to come.  



Airy, approachable, and organically modern. 

Turkish Travertine, Cantilever Base.

My first iteration. Born out of a simple "what if" and curiosity to play with stone. The cantilever design enables even the heaviest of stones to appear light and airy. The clean lines and imperfect travertine stone allow for an organic and natural feel while still being contemporary.




Customary structure, light, contemporary.

Italian Marble, H-Shaped Base.

My second iteration. Created for the sake of creation, a desire to reimagine how I can manipulate stone. The prescriptive design enables unexpected materials to appear customary, allowing the Italian marble to appear suitable in a variety of settings.





Formal, angular, and structured.

Turkish Marble, Twin Pillars.

My third iteration. Designed to create a sense of order, functionality, and accessibility. The formal structure persuades this piece to appear substantial in appearance. Making it an ideal fit for grandeur rooms with classical design elements. With a separable base, this coffee table is easy to transport, ship, and carry.



The Ignition of Wehttam 

The creation of UNEARTH enabled others to inspire me to continue down a path for creation. UNEARTH was not about tables, It never has been actually. It's about unearthing a part of myself that can be shown to the world. Exploration, Re-image, Refinement... These tables were reflections of my own path to self discovery. I explored who i was and created the first piece, I re-imaged what i could be doing, and i refined what i really wanted out of life.   

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